Mr. Adam Giarrusso

Position: Principal/Special Education Case Manager-Credentialed

My name is Adam Giarrusso, also known as simply, “Mr. G.” I am the new Acting Principal here at JBdA, as well as a Teacher. We are excited that our school is not only staying open, but enrollment is increasing, and positive things are happening. This year will be different, due to the sudden passing of Dr. Thorpe, however, we now have an amazing staff here, and I am beyond honored to represent Dr. Thorpe’s Educational Philosophy, and keep this school up-and-running, progressing, growing, and developing into an even more thorough school. I have been working in the Field of Education for over 17 years, since I was 19 years old. For the past decade, I have been teaching Special Education, and I possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Philosophy, and a Master’s Degree in Education, Special Education, and Curriculum and Instruction. My life is my career, and I take students’ education seriously! I am an extremely humble person, and I did not take this career opportunity to come in here, change everything around, and confuse people. The only big change here is us having an incredibly close, trustworthy staff that put students first. My life and career path have had many ups and downs, and I am incredibly approachable, understanding, and I want what is best for the students and their families, and I am willing to work with and talk to anyone. Please understand that although this is an online / hybrid Charter School, I am always available during school hours here, or via email, or phone. All of us are here to assist students in becoming successful, independent, caring, compassionate, and able to communicate well and empathize as young adults. Please enjoy the new school year, and understand that there are changes here, but they are all for the best, and we now possess the best staff. Our students and families are going to be pleased with what we have to offer, and our model of education. Welcome back, thank you, and please do not hesitate to contact me or the school for any concerns, questions, or anything we can help with. Thank you!!


Adam Giarrusso, M.Ed., Principal (JBdA)

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