Dr. Sandra Thorpe

thorpeDr. Sandra Thorpe
Office Hours: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Sandra grew up in Fletcher Hills, graduated from Grossmont High School and earned her bachelors and masters at San Diego State University. She has created two charter schools, Windows Arts Academy, launched in 1996 was one of the first 100 charters approved in the State of California. After retiring to Borrego Springs, Arabian horses became a passion and she still owns and cares for seven. Equine Guided Education was being used for therapy and leadership. After studying with Ariana Strozzi and Barbara Rector the idea came to her that this avenue would serve a charter school and so Juan Bautista de Anza Charter was approved in 2008. Horse Wisdom/Leadership was encouraged to grow as a permanent part of the curriculum by WASC when they last visited the school.

Dr. Sandra Thorpe believes each individual is a unique learner. Her doctoral work at the University of LaVerne took a deep look at the many variables that can affect the success of a student. Dr. Rita Dunn, her professor and developer of the Learning Style Inventory (LSI) oversaw her dissertation on Perceptual Preferences and Motivation. Charter schools and online learning provide a better opportunity to involve individual self-paced learning allowing teachers to become tutors and students to redo assignments and retake tests. Each student is given a LSI and the results shared with parents so that full support can be given the cognitive style of the student. Today we are able to assess learning styles efficiently through our available technology.