Horse Wisdom/Leadership


The Smoketree Arabian horses provide ample opportunities for our students to practice the three “C’s”, Communication, Compassion, and Creativity.  An added advantage is that “Horses Never Lie” and are not judgmental. They do carefully read intention and emotion by communicating and choosing their leader. Horse wisdom/ leadership raises self esteem and confidence often in less than three hours, as students find they can lead a 1000 pound horse through a maze without a lead rope.   The class gives every student a chance to enjoy growth in their abilities and ends with improved self esteem.  At the end of each class the students vote for the person who performed the best and award a “golden horseshoe”.

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Horses Teach Students to be Leaders

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How to Read Your Horses Body Language

The Six Golden Principles of Understanding and Communication

1. Create an equal relationship, based on trust and respect where we learn from each other.
2. Recognize that we are all individuals, including the horses.
3. Reduce stress and become a “safe and trusted” place for the horse.
4. Always be patient and never push too fast or too insistently – and do not allow the horse to get bored.
5. Never use force or become angry.
6. Read and understand “body language” – carefully watch and observe.




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