Mission Statement


Juan Bautista de Anza will provide a challenging, individualized and self-paced educational curriculum for students in grades K through twelve.


Juan Bautista de Anza recognizes that all students possess unique and varied skills and abilities: and will endeavor to afford every student the opportunity to make significant contributions to our ever changing world.


To provide a self-paced, individualized curriculum that promotes each students interest and abilities; while acquiring 21st Century skills.


At Juan Bautista de Anza Online Charter School, we believe that there is a lot more to be exposed to in education than just reading, writing and arithmetic. At JBdA, we strive to enlighten and enrich our students through art, history and science. Social and emotional growth are also critical in creating strong leaders. JBdA created Cultural Literacy Trips as well as Horse Wisdom/Leadership classes to help address those needs. Our students travel throughout the southland to art museums, history museums, science museums. Students don’t just look at exhibitions, they become a part of them. The staff strives to incorporate meaningful lessons to help connect the students to the exhibitions. Over the past several years, we have visited the Palm Springs Museum of Art, Balboa Park, Palm Springs Air Museum, Salton Sea State Park, The Children’s Discovery Museum, TV and radio stations. They’ve experience geology first hand through guided walks through the wondrous canyons of Borrego Springs. These are but a few of the cultural experiences our students have encountered.



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