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Mr. Epps

eppsKevin S. Epps, M.Ed
Office Hours: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Teaching is more than just instruction. It is about being passionate towards education and the future of our students. Fundamentally, all students are teachable. It is my responsibility to find what motivates each student and use that, along with respect, care, and concern for each individual, to engage each student in his or her own learning process. Students are our nation’s greatest assets, this I will never forget.

Students in my classroom receive both direct and indirect instruction and learn from wide-ranging instructional techniques that enhance the classroom environment. My enthusiasm is contagious. Students feed from my enthusiasm, making learning fun and exciting.

In my daily reflection, I focus on three questions: What was supposed to happen? What did happen? How can I make it better next time? These answers guide me to; improved lesson plans, better organization, and enhanced relationships with parents, administrators, teachers and students.

I recognize that I am not alone in the classroom. There are many professionals available to assist me throughout my educational journey. I consult these experts and others to enhance my own teaching abilities, as well as offer suggestions to others as to what does and what does not work in my classroom. I continually seek self-improvement through professional development, mentoring, and education. I believe in the team concept. It takes a collaborative village to teach a student. I am part of that village.

Teaching is a proud and respected profession. I will not disgrace the honor of the profession by violating, or giving the perception of violating, the ethical and legal principles that make our profession proud. Choices I make directly influence my students. I am not just a teacher, but a role model as well. I bear that responsibility with pride.