Mrs. Shawna Davis

Mrs. Shawna Davis
Director of Student Services & Horse Wisdom/Leadership Manager

I am a 46 year old graduate of Davis High School class of 1989 and a Job’s Daughters past honored queen, bethel 159 Sacramento. I married in 1991 and had two boys. My oldest son, Trevor was diagnosed with PDD autism complicated by seizures and later borderline mentally retarded. My youngest son, Dillon was a gifted and talented child. The next 18 years I devoted to raising my boys. In my children’s elementary years I became disabled after a fall that required multiple surgeries and procedures. While my sons were in school I volunteered at their schools on a continuous basis, was involved in their sports teams, performing arts productions, church youth groups, and became heavily involved for 7 years in their Boy Scouts of America Troop 909.

When I moved out to the Salton Sea area I had no idea what it would bring for me, now that my two boys were grown and not living at home. I first learned about the school (JBDA) thru my neighbor who is a teacher at the school. She introduced herself, saw that I did crafts and asked if I would like to teach a craft class at the school. I agreed and began craft classes once every two weeks. I then was asked to be a driver on field trips. After that I was asked to be the director’s assistant in the schools horse wisdom class. I am now totally devoted to the school and have gained the title of Administrative Assistant.

I enjoy my life now and have purpose again. The students at this school do not have the same behaviors, views, or actions that I’ve seen at other schools. These students are being taught how to be the next leaders of this country. They are not only being taught leadership qualities but how to use them effectively to succeed. I have seen troubled teenagers who just wanted to get their class over with so they could get their credits attend one horse wisdom class and come out entirely changed. I have been changed myself by this program and school. It’s hard to explain because you have to experience it. The director of this school is absolutely amazing and brilliant. She has the knowledge, the heart and the determination to implement change to teaching. Most kids who don’t do well in school are often labeled as troubled or special needs. From my own experiences being one of these labeled students we are often mislabeled and just need someone to teach us in a different way. This school identifies and adjust its teaching methods to conform to what the student response to. It is truly magical to see a child start to believe in themselves for the first time. I will continue to support this school, the director, and all the students because they are our future.

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